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Waterfall on The Celeste River in Costa Rica
Rio Celeste Waterfall, Costa Rica
Waterfall on The Celeste River in Costa Rica

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Renewal of Spirit

Costa Rica March 4-10 2025

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Join us for an extraordinary journey of ​transformation and elevation in the ​heart of Costa Rica - 'Renewal of Spirit’

This sacred pause is your invitation to embark on a ​profound path of rejuvenation, soul expansion, and ​connection. Nestled on the sacred lands of Costa Rica, a ​place deeply cherished by our community, this experience ​holds the power to touch your heart and soul in profound ​ways.

Renewal of Spirit, isn't just a “retreat;” it's a transcendental ​experience designed to ignite your inner light, align you ​with the cosmic flow, and lead you towards the ​transformative path of self-discovery and renewal.

We’d love to


Embrace this unique opportunity to rediscover fragments of your true self, reignite your spirit, and come ​home to the essence of who you are. Through practices that connect breath, body, and heart, we will guide ​you in easing the mind while tapping into the wisdom that nature and our own beings hold within.

Prepare to immerse yourself in an unforgettable week of spiritual growth, movement medicine, and ​conscious connections. It's time to rekindle your inner light and be part of a collective journey towards unity, ​self-discovery, and conscious living. Join us in Costa Rica and let the magic unfold!

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view at conchal beach (playa conchal) in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Toucan - Costa Rica

Words alone cannot capture the depth of our excitement as we prepare to embark on this extraordinary journey ​with you. For years, we've been nurturing the seeds of this dream, and now, it's flourishing into a reality. To share ​this land where we are not just visitors; we are part of its tapestry. Our connection runs deep as we work directly ​with a family of third-generation cacao farmers at i.e.kawa, sourcing the purest cacao for our ceremonies. ​Beyond this, we feel the resonance of past lives that continues to call us here.


Our primary intention is to create safe and sacred spaces that foster profound transformation and ​deep healing. We will begin and conclude our week together with a sacred cacao ceremony, ​hosted by i.e.KAWA and esteemed medicine woman, Luna, on the land where our cacao is lovingly ​nurtured and grown.

We are deeply honored to share with you two ceremonies facilitated by local shamans during this ​journey. Our first ceremony is the Inipi, which translates to 'to live again.' It's a traditional Native ​American Sweat Lodge experience, where we connect with the elements and the four sacred ​directions, cradled within the womb of the Great Mother. This sacred rite purifies our bodies, ​minds, and spirits.

Following the Inipi, we embark on a restorative Cacao Ceremony, guided by a shamanic sound ​journey. This intricate blend of ancient heart medicine and transcendental sound aims to guide us ​in rediscovering our true essence and purpose in this existence.


We understand the significance of nourishing both your ​body and your soul. Our daily meals are a delightful ​celebration of local and seasonal fruits, vegetables, and ​offerings, ensuring that your journey is not only ​enlightening but also deeply satisfying.

Our daily meals are not only nourishment for the body ​but also a time to gather and share in the warmth of ​togetherness. With a focus on local and seasonal ​delights, each meal becomes a celebration of both ​culinary art and communal spirit.

*Vegan & Vegetarian meals provided with the possible ​option of fish or meat depending on seasonality

3 meals per day INCLUDED​

*Dinner on the arrival day and breakfast upon departure only*​

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Connecting with the Land

Our true passion lies in connecting with the land and the vibrant local community. Join us ​as we embark on an exploration of the beloved farmers' market, where our cacao journey ​first took root. We can't wait to introduce you to the enchantment of the trees and have ​you savor the pure delight of fresh cacao seeds!

As we venture on beach walks, nature hikes, and retreat space encounters with monkeys ​and iguanas, you'll witness the captivating magic of Costa Rica. Prepare to feel a ​newfound sense of vitality and aliveness in the embrace of this extraordinary land.

Daily Practices

Every day, we encourage you to embrace ​'movement medicine,' a holistic method of ​healing through physical expression. Our ​diverse range of practices includes various ​yoga styles, Qi Gong, dance meditation, and ​more. These modalities are thoughtfully crafted ​to facilitate a deeper connection with your ​body, tap into the divine flow, and release any ​blocked or stagnant energy

Movement Medicine

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The heart of our retreat lies in the profound ​impact of workshops and classes. Drawing ​from our own transformative experiences, we ​are dedicated to bringing you teachings, ​messages, and connections that have the ​power to change lives, shift awareness and ​remind us of our profound ​interconnectedness.

Breathwork + Meditation

Immerse in transformative breathwork ​and meditation to realign your energy ​centers, expand consciousness, awaken ​and move the kundalini, all while ​deepening your connection with Mother ​Earth and all living beings.


Synergies of Space

Everything we do is guided by intuition and Spirit. Throughout the week together we will share practices and tools to help you more clearly tune into ​your inner guidance system. Due to this we cannot concretely say exactly what workshops we’ll be offering because it will depend on the group and ​collective energy at the time.

Here are some examples of what we plan to dive into but not limited too:

Deepening Our Connection with Self Through Love & Discovery

Saying Yes to LIFE: Higher Mind, Higher Self

Intuition, Our Inner Guidance System

Chakras, Rhythm, Flow & Recalibration

Connecting with Ancestors, Animals & Spirit Guides

Shamanic Journeying

The Power of Plants & Sacred Ritual

Honoring, Celebrating & Connecting with The Four Directions & Elements

Dream Work & Astral Travel

Cosmic Consciousness

PLUS all of the juicy amazing daily Movement Medicine, Meditation and Breath Work offerings!


We understand the rejuvenating and purifying effects of the ocean, ​and we're committed to offering you ample opportunities to connect ​with its soothing embrace. Our schedule includes moments for ​beach yoga, enchanting evening stargazing, and nearly daily ​excursions to bask in the rejuvenating waters of this magical ​coastline. Join us in immersing ourselves in the sand, sun, and sea to ​revitalize both body and spirit.


Every day, we set aside precious moments for rest, reflection, ​journaling, and the vital process of integration. This is your ​opportunity to nurture a deep connection with self, whether you ​choose to enjoy a refreshing swim, engage in contemplative ​journaling, or share beautiful conversations with fellow participants.

Beyond Blissed

Self-care is a practice often overlooked or postponed in our ​busy lives, where time and resources are rarely set aside for ​it. We believe that a beautiful way to rest, rejuvenate, and ​integrate is to honor your physical being with nurturing ​care. That's why we've thoughtfully incorporated healing ​and therapeutic spa treatments into your experience!

One 90 minute spa session is INCLUDED in the Renewal of ​Spirit Package. You can choose to have one 90 minute ​Massage of various types OR 2 back to back 45 minute ​sessions with partial massage and your choice of ​reflexology, coffee+cacao+sugar scrub, papaya mask and ​MORE!

*Additional deep healing offerings specific to woman ​available for an additional price, can be selected and set up ​onsite.

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Our Stay

Peace Retreat in Playa Negra Costa Rica will be our loving and nurturing home base. It is a ​thriving, intimate, boutique-style sanctuary for yogis and wellness enthusiasts looking to ​reset, restore and explore within a safe and supportive environment.

Tenative Flow of Events

March 4th


Check In & Settle

Beach Rejuvenation


Welcome Cacao Ceremony

March 5th

Morning Meditation



Lunch & Connection


Breath Work & Movement


March 6th

Beach Yoga




Self Discovery & Rest

Inipi Ceremony


Cacao Ceremony & Sound Journey

March 7th

Morning Movement


Adventure & Connecting with The Land

Cacao Farm Tour

Waterfall Hike



March 9th

March 8th

Beach Meditation







Closing Cacao Ceremony & Celebration

Morning Movement & Breakfast

Tamarindo Farmers Market

Beach & Shopping Local

Rest & Self Discovery



Starlight Activation

March 10th

Morning Movement, Breakfast, See you Soon <3

What’s Included

  • 6 nights at Peace Retreat Playa Negra, Costa Rica
  • Transportation to and from the Liberia Airport~there will be 2 ​shuttles each way with specific pick up times
  • 3 meals daily *on arrival day dinner will be served and on ​departure day breakfast will be served only
  • Daily Movement, breath work and all workshops
  • Welcoming and closing Cacao Ceremony by i.e.KAWA
  • Cacao Ceremony and Inipi lead by local Shamans
  • Shamanic Sound Journey
  • Day adventure to Waterfall hike and Cacao Farm Tour
  • Transportation to and from Tamarindo Farmers ​Market+Exploration
  • 90 Minute Spa Session at Peace Retreat Spa
  • Beach excursions and Pool time
  • Renewal of Spirit Sacred Gift
airplane flight. tropical vacations.


  • Airfare and travel insurance
  • Additional snacks and smoothies for purchase at ​Nourish Cafe at Peace Retreat
  • Shopping or additional purchases while visiting local ​towns
  • Gratuities
  • Additional stay if extending

Optional Add-ons

  • Additional excursions such as horseback riding, ziplining, ​surfing
  • Additional Spa Services beyond the 90 minutes included
  • One on One Coaching Sessions or Energy Recalibration ​with Aaron or Luna


Early Bird Discount+Payments

We would love to offer the first 5 people ​to send their deposit to reserve their ​space before April 1, 2024

$350 off the total Renewal of Spirit Price!

$500 Deposit Reserves your Space

*Payment Plans Available

There are a variety of Cabinas, ​Bungalows and rooms all including: ​Fans, Internet, Daily House Keeping ​Safes and Private Bathrooms.

Pool and Spa Services available at anytime. ​All classes and offerings are optional and we ​hope for you to join all that you are called

Shared Rooms 2-3 People


Private Room Limited Availability


If you are coming with friends & have ​room requests please let us know!


Meet Your Sacred Service Team

Lindsey Glasson

When you meet Lindsey, it's like encountering a warm embrace—​a profound connection of souls. She radiates genuine care and ​holds a profound desire for everyone to experience the highest ​quality of life, authenticity, and fulfillment. Throughout life's trials ​and tribulations, Lindsey has transformed her darkest moments ​into life's greatest gifts.

Her passion lives in helping others overcome trauma and ​empowering them to be the authors of their own stories. What ​sets Lindsey apart is her deep connection with the Earth, serving ​as a conduit for self-discovery, our greatest gift. The more we ​tune into nature and the medicine it carries, the more deeply we ​can come to know our true selves. Lindsey is here to guide you ​on a journey of inner wisdom and self-discovery, stoking the ​flames of your spirit, keeping it vibrant and alive.

Aaron Brooks

If you've ever experienced a Cacao Ceremony with ​us, you'll recognize the soothing, powerful, and ​deeply wise presence of Aaron Brooks. As a ​shamanic practitioner, Earth warrior, and guide for ​body, mind, and spirit, Aaron brings a wealth of ​wisdom to our gathering.

Conversations and connections with Aaron are not ​just educational; they're heartfelt and uplifting. His ​dedication to positive personal development and ​growth will leave you feeling and embodying your ​radiant self!

Carrie Luna Collins

As an added blessing, we are thrilled to introduce ​our dear sister, friend, and mentor, Carrie Luna ​Collins. Carrie holds a special place in our hearts, ​not just as a beautiful and vibrant soul, but as a ​conduit for spirit, a guardian of the Earth, a ​shamanic guide, a dreamweaver, and a galactic ​starseed, among her many incredible facets. She ​will be joining us not only for a week of connection ​but also to share her profound wisdom through ​breath work, movement medicine, and intuitive ​classes!

Words from Community

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

It is difficult to explain and I don't think ​words can convey the overall feeling. It ​was happiness, safety, connection, ​community … and it was strong. I can’t ​thank Lindsey and Aaron enough for ​that evening. It helped me realize things ​about myself both good and what needs ​to be worked on. They said sometimes ​you can feel the medicine working days ​later and I was able to have the ​opportunity to feel what they meant. I ​can’t wait to join again one day!

Lindsey C.

Quotation Mark

The cacao ceremony experience provided by ​i.e. KAWA was incredibly beautiful. Healing, ​informative, transformative, and awakening. ​I would highly recommend every person ​have this experience. It brings an inner ​peace, introspection, and a healing unlike ​any other.

This was such a lovely experience. This was ​the first in person ceremony I’ve ever done ​and it lived up to and surpassed all my ​expectations. Lindsay and Aaron are such ​genuine, kind souls and you can really feel ​that radiating from them as they lead you in ​ceremony. The experience was filled with so ​much happiness, joy, peace, and reflection. It ​felt very personal, homey, and comfortable. ​Everyone was able to let their walls down ​and just Be Here Now. It was great and I ​highly recommend for anyone looking to ​open their heart and connect!

Anna C.

Quotation Mark

Lindsey and Aaron create such a welcoming and ​safe space to honor sacred traditions, plant medicine ​and self exploration. Do yourself a favor and open ​your world to this beautiful company


Kate S.

'Renewal of Spirit, this isn't just a retreat; it's a transcendental experience designed to ​ignite your inner light, align you with the cosmic flow, and lead you towards the ​transformative path of self-discovery and renewal.

Prepare to immerse yourself in an unforgettable week of spiritual growth, yoga, ​movement, and conscious connections. It's time to rekindle your inner light and be part ​of a collective journey towards unity, self-discovery, and conscious living. Join us in Costa ​Rica and let the magic unfold!

Looking Forward to Sharing This Unforgettable ​Experience with You!

With Love & Gratitude,

Aaron, Lindsey & Luna

We’d love to